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New Sports Gambling Sites - Raptors KickboxingLet us introduce you to the variety of Classes available at Raptors Combat Arts. We are part of the SJN Martial Arts Academy (www.sjncombatarts.info) and offer modern sport Martial Arts in the form of I.A.S.K.S.A and P.K.A Kickboxing as well as more traditional styles such as Kung Fu and Gee Wai Shu (Practical Street Defence). Our separate Childrens organisation provides specialized classes for kids less than 12 years of age.


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Our aim is to deliver Martial Arts Training to people of all ages, sex and ability and to develop them technically, physically and mentally to encourage them to achieve their own personal goals.

Classes are taught by qualified Instructors in a professional manner. Training concentrates on self defence, fitness, flexibility and technical expertise. You will find that our Classes have a friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere. You do not have to be fit to join as training is programmed to suit individual needs.

New Sports Gambling Sites - Raptors KickboxingThere are many Inter Club &National Competitions held throughout the year and these are ideal days for those who wish to test their fighting ability. The Academy also holds regular Gradings where students progress through a colour belt system that proves their commitment to their chosen art. Courses/Seminars are conducted on a variety of subjects including weaponry. Not all Students, however, come to train for Competition fighting or to attain belts/sashes, many wish to enjoy the benefits as a way of keeping fit and healthy as well as being part of a friendly social group. Whatever your reasons for joining we are confident being a member will provide you with both a challenging and very rewarding experience.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call should you have any further questions. We look forward to welcoming you to begin an exciting future with our Martial Arts Academy.

See you soon.

John Young

Regional Senior Instructor




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