Junior Raptors Freestyle Martial Arts.

Junior RaptorsThis Page will tell you about our Junior Raptors classes for kids aged 5 years to 12 years. The emphasis in these classes is on the Sporting aspects of the martial arts, and encourages the students to use their natural abilities and imparts in them the qualities of self disipline, hard work but most importantly FUN

The Academy provides specialized classes for boys & girls from the age of 5 years to 11 years of age.These provide our younger members with a complete curriculum, focusing on discipline, personal confidence, self-control and team work. Children automatically receive membership to the adult’s class upon reaching the required age limit.

The Martial Arts training in these sessions emphasize the Sporting aspects of the Art, with optional competitions available, throughout the year, providing awards and titles that are Nationally recognised. We acknowledge the special training needs of children; where adult clubs cannot offer the same commitment to its younger members. This often leads to the neglect of the child’s learning development and when the child becomes bored, the Instructor’s and parent’s/guardian’s efforts are wasted.

We encourage children by encouraging the commitment of the parents. Personal effort on the part of the parent/guardian often ensures their regular attendance and so, progress can be guaranteed. Class assistants are on hand to encourage and guide members, ensuring their discipline and safer training practices. Children are taught to be fluent, both physically and mentally; Sport/competition (Semi Contact) training is not robotic and stiff as with other styles of Martial Arts; the Child’s natural ability is encouraged. Children’s classes include rest periods at the optimum time, to maintain the youngster’s interest and safety.

You, as a caring parent can be sure of our commitment to provide the best possible training environment for your child. You can therefore recognise the need for us to accept your commitment to ensure your child attends regularly. Once a member, after the initial induction period, we make it our policy to discuss your child’s progress and future needs with you. We look forward to our exciting future together

Give your child the belief to succeed

Children can benefit in many ways from practising Martial Arts. At the Junior Raptors Kickboxing and Self Defence club boys and girls from the ages of 5 to 12 year old learn to reach their full potential through our confidence building Martial Arts program. Caring Instructors provide expert training in a fun and safe environment to produce positive results. With the world ever changing our children are asked to face more difficult challenges and increasing pressures every day and we all see and hear about the effects that school violence, bullying, negative peer pressure and obesity have on them. During our lessons we work on increasing self confidence and self discipline making positive behaviour a habit. This also improves their social skills and interaction with others. Our nationally recognised grading system and optional competition fighting provide an excellent impetus to develop pride, willpower, strong work ethnic and it gives kids a great sense of accomplishment that really improves the way they feel about themselves. We teach them the importance of respect and to understand that bullying is not to be practised or condoned. We increase their level of fitness and flexibility .Our classes begin with warm up exercises then students learn basic co-ordination techniques and combinations focusing on core skills such as control, balance, memory and teamwork. Practice includes hitting pads and kick shields and these activities provide a positive outlet for burning off excess energy. Students are also taught basic self defence. Many parents believe that Martial Arts are too violent for their child as, unfortunately, the most glamorised and publicised aspect is fighting but this is only a very small fraction of what a true Martial Art is about. Our Instructors make it very clear to children that what they are taught must not be used irresponsibly. When a student is aware of his ability he will create alternatives to violent conflict and when confronted he will see no reason to prove himself. As a caring parent you can be sure of our commitment to provide the best possible training environment for your child. Our Instructors are ACS Certified Coaches, Disclosure Scotland checked, are conversant with our Child Protection Policy, have basic First Aid and Indemnity Insurance. Why not bring you child along to the class this week and let him/her take part in a training session before deciding to join

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